About Us

Brickhouse was founded with the simple idea that reusable and maintainable software is a competitive advantage.

This basic premise guides everything we do:

  • If it’s not simple to explain, it’s not simple.
  • Understand the customer, their team, milestones and their long-term needs.
  • Design for maintenance.
  • Write code for the audience that will ultimately assume responsibility. It’s a liability if it can only be understood by the person that wrote it.
  • Address issues and confusion upfront. Resolving issues with business requirements are a fraction of the cost compared to fixing bugs and defects after development. It’s not just budget that’s at stake!

The Team

We have an experienced team of designers, technical managers and builders eager to work with you on your next project.

So where did the name come from?

The Three Little Pigs fable was the inspiration for naming the company. The third pig’s house, being built of brick, was strong and durable.

Today Brickhouse is also built with bricks, although we know these bricks as reusable software components and frameworks!

Our original company logo